2023-10-18 Release

  • Profiles: Exclude VIM-Backup files

  • Conditions: Fix IsBitNotSet

  • Add plugin Version to Status screen

  • AddonDevices: Fix Panel size

  • VRInisght 737OH: Add Sync-Skip Button

  • Remove all remaining "uppercase" datareferences (Lvar)

  • XPlane: Fix problems with SAM-plugin

  • XPlane: Add deprecated datarefs to exclude list

  • XPlane: Update plugin to

  • Expressions: Add "Select" Function

  • Bridge-Installers: Seperate FSX and P3D-Installers

  • P3D: Add Prepare3d v6 LVAR Bridge support

  • Variables: Fix Variables are initialized with wrong valuetype

  • Elgato: Move options to global settings instead of profile

  • SimpleGauge Editor: Add "Duplicate layer"-Action

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