Stream Deck

Original Stream Deck Implementation. If you are running version 0.9.13 or newer then you should skip down to the v0.9.13 video with the new implementation.

Getting Started with the Stream Deck and SPAD.neXt

How to make a Dual Concentric Encoder with an Arduino.. Tie it to a StreamDeck and you now have a "Spadster".

Version 0.9.13 Implemented the New Stream Deck interface with Layers and "Mini Gauge" capability. This Video reviews the new Implementation and how to use the layers.

Control the LVARs of the FFX Vision Jet to implement the VAMS iPad on a Stream Deck!

Vision Jet v2 VAMS Stream Deck Mapping

I have been wanting to cover the "Quadster" I have been working on for some time... Thanks again to Shakeprint for working with me to make this custom mount.

With the Vision Jet v2.1 on the path to release I felt updating the Stream Deck Device Snippet would be a great time to tie in the Quadster and show it off!! There is a lot to unpack with 22 pages of StreamDeck Control tied to 4 Dual Concentric Encoders!!

Stream Deck XL + Quadster = Vision Control Overload!

The SWS Kodiak has Engine life and Stress!! Nothing worse then getting Setup and then accidentally putting it over the edge. Here is how we can implement ramp "Engine Overhaul" to get going again!

Kodiak Engine Reset - LVars and Events

Create Custom Made Keypads for controlling Sim Variables via Stream Deck. In this video we use the example of the HJet and G3000 GTC touch control of the Com and Nav Frequency entry. This can be applied to other variables where Data Entry is desired.

Stream Deck Kepad Entry using Local Variables

Change Pages on Any Stream Deck from Any Other Device! Assign Multiple Page Changes on any connected Stream Deck or Page Enabled Devices from a single Button!!

Time to Jump Into the Stream Deck Plus and it's features. This video includes downloading a Base Page Snippet to understand how to manipulate the displays and interactions. This is one versatile product!

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