CPFlight Devices

Support for CPFLight devices has been implemented "as it is". Any limitations by the firmware of the devices will apply.

Supported Devices (RS232/USB Versions only currently): * MCP * EFIS (chained) * COM-Panel (chained) * ATC-Panel (chained)


RS232/USB Version

Add the device as serial device in Settings->Devices->Serial and select CPFlight as protocol

Ethernet Version

Add the device as serial device in Settings->Devices->Serial, select CPFlight (Ethernet) as protocol and configure ip and port according to the CPFlight manual. (not available yet)



You can use the normal Counter-/Clockwise events, to use SPAD-Accelleration like with all other devices. Additionally you can use a ENCODER_SET event which will use the device-builtin acceleration. In this case use a Send-Simulation-Event action and use "EVENT:VALUE" as the data value to send the value coming form the device to the simulation. Due to the firmware handling encoders internally, it might be that the value displayed on device and simulation might differ.

A/T Led

The LED is controlled by the firmware and not controllable from SPAD.neXt, however you can control the magnetic lock (pro version) or make the led blink using the CPF_MCP_ATDICONNECT Variable.


Standby Frequency cannot be addressed from outside. Older devices do not support 8khz spacing. Usage of device is limited to com frequencies only Use VALUE_SET event with EVENT:VALUE parameter to react on Xfer-button


If both CS and FO Efis are present , global buttons (FPV/MTRS/STD/RST) will only be executed on whichever device announces itself first

ATC Panel

  • The Encoders do not send any events. When turning the encoders the VALUE_SET event on the display will be raised. Use EVENT:VALUE in the action to get access to the new Transponder Value.

  • The ATC Fail LED is not documented and not controllable yet


Some Variables are provided to control behaviour of the devices:



Controll the backlight of all devices


Disconnect the A/T magnetic lock (MCP pro) or blink the A/T Led


Switch between 8 (=0) and 25 (=1) kHz spacing. Defaults to 8khz if device supports it.

Common Issues

Access to ComPort denied

If you get "Access to ComX is denied" error when starting SPAD.neXt after a fresh computer reboot with a cpflight device, this is most likely because you have Skype runnung. CPFlight devices are recognized as audiodevices and locked by skype for unknown reason. Solution: Unplug MCP usb and replug it, then skype will release the lock on it.

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