C# Scripting Interface

The scripting interface is C#6.0 compatible.

You can check the DemoScript provided.

Basically you create Classes in a .cs-File for the needed Purposes. To ease development it's recommended to use a C#-IDE to develop the Scripts. (e.g. VS 2015 Community edition (free)). Just create a new C#-Class-Library Project and Reference the Assembly "SPAD.Interfaces.dll" from the SPAD.neXt Binaries or Inlcude the Interface-Project from github. (You will need to create your own signing key) This way you will get Intellisense and can test-compile your script.

All classes that derive from IScript somehow will be considered by SPAD.neXt. Classes that inherit IScriptPrivate will never be called by SPAD.neXt

The following BaseClass-Interfaces (from SPAD.neXt.Interfaces.Scripting ) are supported:

IScriptValueProvider Class will work just like a local variable ,and has to provide a method "public double ProvideValue(IApplication app)" which will be called whenever needed.

IScriptAction Class provides a custom action which can be bound to a Button/Switch. When the Event is raised the method "void Execute(IApplication app, ISPADEventArgs eventArgs)" will be called.

Additional Interfaces that you can implement:

IScriptCreation Class supports Initialization/Deinitialization. E.g. if you want to initialize/store some stuff Initialize will be called when the object is instantiated , Deinitialize before the object is Disposed.

IScriptActivation (only suitable for Onjects that also implement IScriptAction) Class supports activation/deactivation. Activate will be called when an event using this Action is activated in a profile Deactivate will be called when an event using this Action is deactivated in a profile

To provide an object that is no ValueProvider or Action, derive it from IScript and add the additional necessary Interfaces (e.g. IScriptCreation)

The IApplication-Interface given as Parameter is a gateway to some global functions of SPAD.neXt like creating a logger to write to the logfile. Comes in handy for debugging:

var myLogger = app.GetLogger("myCoolLoggerName");
myLogger.Error("This will be shown in Logfile");

For checking/viewing the Logfile I recommend a NLog-Compatible LogViewer like e.g. Log4View. The LogFormat-String is "${longdate}|${level}|${threadid}|${logger}|${message}"

To work with Data from the Sim/SPAD.neXt the global Eventsystem-Object is the key.

using "EventSystem.GetDataDefinition" you grab a IDatadefiniton from SPAD.neXt and can read or manipulate the Values. This also will makes sure that your script will be called when the data changes.

It's a bit try and error right now, but all interfaces exposed in the SPAD.Interfaces Assembly are usable and working. (SPAD.neXt uses them itself for all Panels etc) Inline-Documentation for the Interfaces will be added over time, as it is needed

Just playaround a bit. If you need some help getting started, open an issue, describe what you want to do and I'll try to help you :-D

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