X-Plane Datarefs & Commands

Unfortunatelay there is no standard way in X-Plane for dev's to add data and commands to an aircraft, so every dev is doing it difrently, and there is no way for SPAD.neXt to query for those data, as it is in other sims, without knowing about it.
Generally there are two way to make datarefs and commands known to SPAD.neXt:

Scanning for Datarefs

Scanner Tool

Open a support ticket with SPAD.neXt and ask for the dataref-scanner tool. This tool is given out on request and scans an aicraft for datarefs and commands. The output of the tool can be sent in and the datarefs will be added to SPAD.neXt's default configuration. Those datrefs/commands will then be available to all users of SPAD.neXt

DataRef Tool

Use DataRefTool from github. Install it as a plugin. Then start X-Plane, load the aircraft. After exiting X-Plane there will be a X-Plane/preferences/output/drt_last_run_datarefs.txt and one for commands which should list all the aircraft ones. Any not obvious you have to load the aircraft, set DRT to search on changes and move the item you want to see what changes. The files will be in the X-Plane/preferences/output folder and have to be moved to teh aircraft folder (see bleow)

Adding the datarefs and commands locally.

Those are only available for the lcoal installation


Create a file "commands.txt" in the directory of the ACF-File of the targeted aircraft. List all commands you wan to expose to SPAD.neXt in this file. The Format of the File is the same as teh standard X-Plane commands.txt you can find in "X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins"
command[TAB]description (optional)


Datarefs can be announced by placing them into a file "datarefs.txt" in the directory of the ACF-File of the targeted aircraft. The Format of the File is the same as the standard X-Plane datarefs.txt you can find in "X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins" the First 2 lines of that file will be ignored (X-Plane Header)
sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/com1_power int y boolean Com radio 1 off or on, 0 or 1.
dataref = name of the dataref e.g. sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/com1_power type = Type of the dataref typically "float" or "int". For dataref arrays add the size of the array e.g. "int[12]" writable = "y" or "n" if teh dataref is writable or readonly unit = the unit that dataref is in. This is used as a hint for SPAD.neXt to offer conversions to the user
Limits: * arrays are limited to 20 for performance reasons. * if a dataref is not yet known to X-Plane when the plane is loaded, the SPAD.neXt plugin will retry to find it regulary and announce it to SPAD.neXt
Both files will be read by the X-Plane plugin when the aircraft is loaded.