Tuner Acceleration

Accelerate tuner clockwise/counter-clockwise changes

Turning a tuner clockwise or counterclockwise can be modified so SPAD.neXt will accelerate changes in the sim (Turning the tuner faster)

Timeout: Time in milliseconds without any tuner-turn to reset the acceleration mutiplier

Threshold: Number of tuner-movements into same direction before acceleration will be started

Multiplier: The multiplier that will be applied to Increment/Decrement value for each stage when accelerated

Max Multiplier: the maximum multiplier applied

With default values this means:

if your turn the tuner clockwise like 5 clicks within 500ms with an increment value of "1" set following increments will sent to the sim:

1. click: 1 2. click: 1 3. click: 1 4. click: 3 ( Threshold met: (clicks - threshold) multiplier = (4-3) 3) 5. click: 6 ( Threshold met: (clicks - threshold) multiplier = (5-3) 3)

Increasing timeout => Acceleration will be active for a longer time (you can tunr the tuner slower) Decrease timeout => You will need to turn the tuner really fast, but be aware wacky saitek hardware eats a lot of the (counter-)clockwise clicks even that you can feel it.

Increase threshold: Acceleration will start later Decreate threshold: Acceleration will start earlier, but might make it harder to achieve one/two-click changes

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