Device Custom UI

Providing a Custom UI for a device

All custom UI is defined as SVG or PNG images. Transparent PNG are preferred. Limitations: * Maximum size is 640x480 pixel * Images must have a DPI of 96. Else windows automatically will upscale them when rendering. E.g. Images has 72dpi => upscaling to 96dpi will cause the image dimensions to grow by 33% => Positions will not match what you expect them to be


You can use your favorite editor to create SVG images.

As a free online editor is a good choice

Also the repository at is a good first stop if you are looking for free SVG icons and graphics, or ideas

All common features of SVG can be used, but keep in mind that users might use a diffrent theme than you. Make sure the UI looks ok in both light and dark theme of SPAD.neXt. If a SVG does not define a fill-color the button text color of the choosen SPAD.neXt theme will be used.


PNG images should be transparent


For development, make sure you set the ALLOWLOCAL option and store the svg/png-files in Documents/devices/<AuthorKey>/<VID>/<PID>/

  • Subdirectories are supported

  • For centralized images you can travel up two directories max. (../../gfx/button.svg)

  • File-/Directorynames must not start with an underscore

  • SPAD.neXt has some builtin images that can be used (TODO REF)

To have a custom UI for an input being displayed, the following options for an input must be set:


The BEHAVIOR option defines how an UI element will behave in the UI if it's activated by a device event

Supported values


UI element will rotate around its center point, 15 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise per event


UI element will rotate around its center point, to an angle of 15 * eventvalue degrees


Most commonly used for switches. Two images have to provided:

IMG_ON (shown when input is considered ON/PRESSED)

IMG_OFF (shown when input is considered OFF/RELEASED)

When loading/initializing all inputs are treated as OFF


default behavior. The UI element will not be modified when activated but hightlighted

If the input is a double encoder/rotary the options IMG_INNER IMG_OUTER have to be provided

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