Common Tasks and Issues

This section and sub-pages describe common tasks and solutions for common problems

Reset SPAD.neXt license

Delete the file "%APPDATA%\SPAD.neXt\SPAD.neXt.lic

"Online Services not available" when accssing Online Snippets

Please check the time synchronization on your computer. Due to heavy attacks to our services we had to increase the security, and requests with an invalid/outdated timestamp will be rejected. Your computer time most likely reports to differ from World Reference Time by more than 3 minutes. (Right click Windows Start icon -> Settings -> enter "time" -> Change Date/Time and make sure Synchronization is on)

How to properly open a Support Ticket

  1. 1.
    Start SPAD.neXt
  2. 2.
    (reproduce problem)
  3. 3.
    in SPAD.neXt click in Settings->Support
  4. 4.
    and either Select an exiting ticket from the list and click on UPDATE TICKET or click on Create new ticket
  5. 5.
    Add any info needed and hit submit.
Note: if for reproducing the problem no simulation connection is needed please do so from a fresh SPAD.neXt start without Simulator running. If simulator is needed do it after a new start not after a over the pond flight It's no joy to gravel through megabytes of unnecessary logfiles if you update the ticket after a 5 hour flight. Processing of such tickets is declined.

Available SPAD.neXt update channels

There are 3 update channels available for SPAD.neXt
  • Release: This is the public release of SPAD.neXt. Your SPAD.neXt installation will automatically update to it, if your update subscription is valid for it
  • Beta: The upcoming pre-release, available only for "Complete Edition"-License users , or when assigned for special tests
  • Alpha: The current development version of SPAD.neXt. This update channel is invite only for early adopters. To apply for participation, open a ticket from within SPAD.neXt. Development focus of current Alpha version can be reviewed in the SPAD.neXt-Discord in the apropiate #release-faq thread
To change your update channel, head to Settings->Application->Expert in SPAD.neXt. All update channels available to you will be selectable.

Thrustmaster TCA Speedbrake / Flaps are reversed

Make sure the Speedbrake and Flaps are calibrated following the Thrustmaster Guide:​