Cockpit Simulator CDU

USB Hardware 737 CDU

First Look Video. SPAD.neXt driving the Display and control of the Keys. Follow up videos on configuration and CDU layouts to come... Just wanted to get something from an early Alpha build out there so people could see just how good this interface is!!

Here we go with the Early Alpha Implementation and configuration.. This will probably be obsolete in the next week or two but for now it works great!!

Support for WT CJ4 Mod .. When you have another Mod :) which provides similar implementation as the FBW A32NX. In this video we setup the CM CDU with the CJ4 and get a basic Flight plan with Departure and Arrival entered

Next Up we have the Configuration for working with the PMDG 737 in MSFS!! This implementation is just Amazing !!!

The Cockpit Simulator CDU can also be used with the CJ4 and NEW AAU2 updates.. Split Left and Right operation with complete snippets posted for download. Also learn how to add your own Data and Expressions to custom display pages or just the SPAD Menu.. Examples on Hardware Display and Key Brightness Controls given.

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