New User Series

All Videos are courtesy of Les O'Reilly
All Videos are curtesy of Les O'Reilly
New to SPAD.neXt then Start here. Install Applications and UI Walkthrough
Before you Bind in Devices in SPAD you need to make sure you have configured MSFS to Remove those devices/buttons/Axis that you will be setting up in your SPAD.neXt Profiles. Lets Make New or Duplicate the Default Profiles in MSFS First!!
Delete in MSFS FIRST!!!
Advanced Planes are going to Need the L:Var and H:Event Bridge... So this is how to add it so you can access it :)
You will need this for Complex Planes and HTML/JS Access
The 2nd installment in the New User... what next segments. Profiles.... Let's make sure our Profile settings are correct and then get into what Profiles are and what the Profile Tab interface does for us!
What is a Profile?
3rd Installment is all about understanding Button and Switch modes for Joysticks.... Before we even start to assign them we need to think about the best way to configure the hardware use... Hidden Gem for sure!
Buttons / Switches and the Modes
Well Looks like we needed a 3.1 in the New User Series.... With Version 0.9.12.x and greater we now have a new implementation to the Button Modes. All Three Pushbutton / Simple Pushbutton and Switch can be accomplished with the "Pushbutton" Mode plus some new elements and tweaks as well!! With the release on the horizon there will be some editing but don't worry.. the Change Trigger To edit event will save the day!!
v0.9.12.x+ Button Modes Explained
4th Installment is about Axis ... When putting them in Spad is better
always... But also what is the difference between Standard and Custom Axis along with how to use the features in the Custom Axis..
Standard and Custom Axis... When to use which?
5th Installment is all about "clean up"... Connecting the Logitech/Saitek Panels in SPAD.neXt usually means that there is some software to remove and some power management to deal with. Follow these steps before we move on to pulling in configurations for devices.
Step 5: Connecting Logitech/Saitek Panels
6th Installment we take a Multi panel from Zero to Hero in the first 5 Minutes! How to easily download the configuration you need from the "ONLINE SNIPPET" Database. This one we use the Example of the WT CJ4 and after the first 5 minutes we break down the configuration and assignments!
Step 6: Download a Device Snippet for the Multi Panel + Learn about the WT CJ4 example!
7th episode we do a Quick one on selecting a configuration from the online snippet database!
Get a Radio Panel up and Running in less than 2 Minutes!
8th episode we go into the Switch Panel Configuration... Download a panel for the C172 and then we walk through the "HOW" we figure out the events. This is done by leveraging the Event Monitor which allows us to interact in the cockpit and see what events that is setting off in the sim!!
Setup the Logitech Switch Panel and Learn about the Event Monitor!
Installment 9 in the series focuses on working with the Data Monitor and how to use it monitor data changes from cockpit elements. Additionally using it to change the data in the sim to see if that data will trigger events as well :)
Use the Data Monitor to READ and WRITE Sim Variables
9.1 Covers the small changes to the Data Monitor. We use the HJet as a usecase study to locate a couple of LVARs via Sorting of Columns and Search. Also covered is how you make a "toggle" button for LVARs!! Got to Love Range Limits and Rollover!!
Data Monitor Update and HJet LVAR examples
Number 10 we go into the Event Monitor and walk through some examples in the TBM on how to figure out which events are send when buttons and switches are moved... And how to use that to setup buttons and controls in a similar way!
How to use the Event Monitor
Installment 11 in the series moves on to the Stream Deck! You do require the Complete Edition for the Stream Deck to function under SPAD.neXt but it is pretty impressive what you can do with it!! In this video we set out to get it configured on the Elgato software side and then move into SPAD.neXt and walk through that setup. Finally we pull in an amazing example from the online database that works with the WT CJ4!
Getting the Stream Deck up and running!! Plus grab a fantastic Snippet for the WT CJ4!
Custom Axis are powerful and understanding the control parameters and how to use them is important! With MSFS now using the _EX1 extended axis there are planes that won't support or work when it is a "Standard" simconnect axis. This video will explain the Advanced capabilities that you can achieve with ease in SPAD.neXt !!
Custom Axis Control Parameters Explained