Features & Functions

We will use this section for videos where we are focused on SPAD.neXt Features or Functionality to leverage to complete our tasks

Conditional Events and Local Variables are powerful for creating intelligent actions. We may want to have multiple things on a single Button or Encoder. We can use conditions to allow them to figure out which event to send on that click! In this Video we use Multiple Conditions and a Local Variable to create our own Acceleration Events!!

Use a Local Variable and Multiple Conditions to create our own Encoder Acceleration!!

Condition Levers in the 208 and King Air were removed in SU6 .. New Events were added in SU7 but they are not in the SDK currently... We will use vJoy to work around it :)

Condition Lever Binding using vJoy to bridge the gap

How to Remove the Warning about Trim Percent and Replace those actions using Trim Position instead! This video shows you how to do that and explain why this warning is now appearing. Also great example using the Event Monitor and Data Monitor Features!!

Resolve Trim PCT Warning with Trim Position!

From time to time the SDK can be updated or other developers like Fly By Wire may add their own sim events that SPAD.neXt is not aware of yet. In those situations you can leverage the Client Events Tab in the Menu to add in any of these events that are missing..

Client Event Tab: Add Missing Sim Events to SPAD.neXt

SPAD.neXt has a very useful Text to Speech Feature. In this short Feature video we use it to setup button events and script events to have the Bravo and Multipanel tell us what their selectors are assigned to!

Text to Speech: Devices Can Talk to you!

Another application where we needed to use Local Variables, Expressions and Conditions to make the Radio Panel operate in a different mode of operation for the transponder. The operational result is a way to visualize how to leverage these SPAD.neXt features to enhance your sim experience!!

Local Variable + Expression + Conditions = Alternate Operation!!

Use Local Variables and Conditional Events to put Multiple Functions onto a single Knob. Here we use the example of toggling a Variable on the X-Touch by pushing the Knob to flip between Heading and Speed Controls. We also setup a second Local Variable to make the Second Knob flip between Altitude adjustment in 100 Foot increments to 1000 Foot Increments.

Well this one is kind of a Feature ... Using the vJoy Axis we can make an indirect link to the throttle. We do this so that the TBM 930 Throttle will move in the cockpit by mapping the MSFS control bindings for the vJoy to the Throttle Axis. Then we use Spad to map out hardware controller Axis to the vJoy Axis... Now we have the same freedom to re map controllers and auto switch profiles!

vJoy Axis - Re Map the Throttle in MSFS

This Video focuses on using a Local Variable that we Create to Allow us to assign conditions to what the Radio Panel will Display. This example focuses on the Radio Panel and switching between displaying Baro in in/HG or MB but could be applied to anything!!

Local Variable and Conditions = Multiple Display Options!

Using the "Import Device" feature. Now you can Import a device from one of your other local profiles. No longer need to switch profiles.. copy the device... switch back to Paste it!!

Import Device Configuration From Another Local Profile

v0.9.12 introduced the Axis Range Feature to Standard Axis Configuration. Now it is possible to create "zones" for the Full / Idle and Reverse ranges. This will be really helpful for High resolution devices like the TCA throttles or Low Resolution where the end stops can sometimes mis a value or two..

Axis Ranges added in v0.9.12

Using an L:Var, an Expression and a Local Variable we will create a Script Panel Conditional Action to Pause the AAU2 WT 787 at the Top of Descent!

Pause the AAU2 WT 787 at Top of Descent

Big Changes with Axis GUI and Capabilities!! Much Desired Ability to bind Conditions with Axis is now here!! v0.9.13.39 is released and we can finally directly manipulate Axis mappings without the need for scripts!

Apply Conditions To Axis Now. Example Toggle Thrust Reverse Mode

How to use an Axis to control a Switch. Using Custom Axis with Range Definitions we can apply Axis Value Ranges that will Trigger Sending Sim Events with Fixed Parameters. The Example we use is the PMDG Fuel Cut Off Switches controlled by the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke lower "throttle" axis.

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