AS CRJ 550/700/900/1000 (MSFS)

Step 1... You need to Get the L:VAR Bridge Installed... v0.9.11.5 Release and Newer do not require the Alpha or Beta Release!

Step 2... We need to Learn how to Find the Data using the Data Monitor. Also how we can then interact with that Data to make changes. We can use the Switch Panel for this one!

Step 3... Let's now take what we learned in the previous video and get the Multi Panel working with the AS CRJ FCP. In this one we are going to learn about how some items need additional commands if we want to also have the Knobs and Buttons Animate and make Sounds in the cockpit!

Step 4... Onwards to the Radio Panel configuration! Also since not all of the data has L:Vars (Nav Radio STBY) or initially the CRJ was not updating Transponder State we will use Data and Script Panels to work around them.

Cockpit Master CDU configuration .. early Alpha implementation.

Let's get our Alpha and Bravo Controls Fully Configured for use with the Aerosoft CRJ Series!! Plus a bonus walk through the cockpit with each assignment then we do a Departure from CYYZ to put it through the paces!!

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