Licesne Issues

Lost license information

  • For licences bought before 12.11.2016 via SimMarket , simply login into your simmarket account at . Your license information is listed there.

  • For licenses bought after 12.11.2016 via Avagate/2Checkout, you can login into you customer asccount at to see you order history and license information.

  • If you have linked your license on the SPAD.neXt community Discord, you can ask the bot about your license details using the "!licinfo" command. If this does not help, open a ticket from within SPAD.neXt to request your license information and attach a proof of purchase for the license. (Important: Mark it as license issue!) if you cannot start SPAD anymore, open a ticket via email (support at from the email you used to purchase SPAD.neXt. If provide your ordernumber or a proof of purchase.

"There is a Problem with your license, please contact support"

If your SPAD.neXt installation all of the sudden complains about a license problem, this is normally casued by a windows update changing vital information.

  • Delete the file %APPDATA%\SPAD.neXt\SPAD.neXt.lic

  • SPAD.neXt will start in trail mode and allows you to re-enter you license information

  • if it still complains contact

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