Device SPAD.neXt Events (2)

SPAD.neXt raises internal events on Channel 2
The channel 2 is used by SPAD.neXt to inform the device about events. There are some events that the device might ignore, and some that it should react to.
2,START; -> The device can send data updates now , if any 2,STOP;-> The device should stop sending data updates 2,AIRCRAFTCHANGED,<new name>; -> the loaded aircraft changed
2,PROFILECHANGING,<new pofile name>; -> the profile is about to change 2,PROFILECHANGED,<new profile name>; -> the loaded SPAD.neXt profile changed and is active 2,CONNECT,<simulation name>; -> a simulation connected to SPAD.neXt 2,DISCONNECT,<simulation name>; -> a simulation disconnected from SPAD.neXt
2,PAGE,<GUID>,<completed>,<name>; -> Switch to page
2,PROVIDER,<name>,<status>; -> The status of a provider has changed
When the profile is switched in SPAD.neXt the following events will be sent to the device:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    PAGE (completed = 0)
  3. 3.
    PAGE (completed = 1)
  4. 4.
(2 and 3 only if device supported pages)