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This Topic covers the UI Elements found on the Home Page Menu Section

When the Home Page is selected (Fig 1) we see the Half Circle next to the Image of the House. Also the First Sub Tab will always select when switching the UI to a different Navigation Column. This Menu has Page "Home" has one very important part .. the Link to join the discord. You will find plenty of Help from many users in the discord group.

The Second Tab is selected "News" the content section will be filled with the SPAD.neXt news. Even though there is a lot going on with SPAD.neXt the news does not actually get updated that often ... It takes time to do that and the dev tends to spend more time developing the product and sharing new stuff in the Discord group... Fig 2 has an example of the UI when on the News Tab.

The Third Tab will display the "Video Guides" menu. A third Column with subject sorting is displayed that will then display the video content to the right (as seen in Fig 3). This content is a contribution of Video based How To Guides for many topics. There are Series like the "New User" series which can take you through many aspects when you first get going with SPAD.neXt. Just click on the Video Icon and it will take you to the YouTube Video.

The Fourth Tab is for the "Discord" (Fig 4). This is a tremendous resource with real time interaction from many of the users and even the developer. It is different than a Forum but has much more real time interaction and results usually in some great back and forth. There is a search and there are "channels" to use for different types of information.

The Fifth Tab contains the "FAQ" ... Yes many of the questions are already directly in the UI and if you use this page you might find what you are looking for. Fig 5 shows a recent update with plenty of information and especially one example at the top that many could find the answer right here in the UI!!

The Sixth Tab contains the "NOTAMS" menu (Fig 6) which will house some important information. Unlike News which is a what is going one or what is new.. Notams is a NOTICE to Air Missions (FAA just changed it to this...) which has temporary information that when resolved would no longer be part of this section and would either move to News, Release notes or FAQ.

The Seventh Tab is the "Release Notes" Menu. This section (Fig 7) contains all of the Released Version numbers and what has been included with the product in these releases. This is NOT information about Alpha or Beta channels. This is about the released product versions. This is also helpful information as you will know what your license is entitled too if you do not pay for the update subscription after the first year of included updates expires.

The Eighth Tab contains the "Change Log" Information. Fig 8 shows an example of the content displayed in this section. There can be frequent updates to the Alpha builds and this information will document all of the builds and what was done in each one. Note that when a "release" is performed this information will all Roll Up into the the Release Notes Section with the official release build and number.

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