Videos specific to configurations for the HJet
First video is on the Logitech MultiPanel Configuration!! Plus we do a demo flight of the configuration and using the features like Climb VNAV, FLC, VS and show how the very unique CSC "cruise control" mode works as well!
FFX/MG HJet MultiPanel Configuration
The Second HJet video focuses on the Honeycomb Bravo and our Arrival and Approach into CYTZ in this video
FFX/MG HJet Honeycomb Bravo Configuration
Setup and Download the Device Snippet for the Honeycomb Alpha!!
We walk through the configuration of all switches and also setup the H:Events under Client Events!!
After Setup we jump into the Cockpit and demo all the controls including the Custom Checklist Control!! Then we walk through doing the basics of Cold and Dark using the Switches to Turn on the Electrics, Follow the Checklist and then Start up the Engines!!
FFX/MG HJet Honeycomb Alpha Configuration
We move on to the TCA TQ with the Addon Package! Full Configuration and even do an in cockpit demo with Startup using the our work!!
FFX/MG HJet TCA TQ + Addon Configuration
Using an X-Touch Midi Controller to Configure the Overhead Lights Control
X-Touch Mini Slider/Fader Configuration - Overhead Lights
v1.0.4 of the HJet is here!! Which Means the Autopilot Bindings have all be reworked to use the standard Variables and Events!!... Well Let's get back at doing the HJet again..
HJet v1.0.4 New MultiPanel Bindings