FSUIPC: Custom Offsets

Adding custom offset to FSUIPC Data

Please make sure you keep Version at 1 Each entry consists of one OffsetDefinition. Attribut Selectable : if false then Offset will not be offered in UI Name = Displayname of the offset in UI ValueType + Size = One of

  • S8 = Signed Byte , Size = 1

  • U8 = Unsigned bytes, Size = 1

  • U16 = Unsigned SHort, Size = 2

  • S16 = Signed Short , Size = 2

  • U32/S32 = Un-/signed Int , Size = 4

  • U64/S64 = Un-/Signed long , size = 8

  • FLT32 = Float , size = 4

  • FLT64 = Double , size = 8

Category = Main Category in Definition Brower (frist tree level) SubCategory = Sub Category in Definition Brower (second tree level). If more levels needed, seperate by "##" Access = R -> Readony , RW -> Read/write , R will not be offered in e.g. Change Data value Usage = Information shown in browser/mouseover. BBCode tags can be used here. Key = FSUIPC Offset in HEXADECIMAL as long HI-DWord:LO-Dword , usually HI-DWord should be 0000. Must always be formatted 000:0000 . Special: if the Offset represent just a BIT in a Value the Key is 0000:0000:BITNUMBER , an offsetentry for the main offset with Selectable="false" must exist then. optional Tag: LinkedEntry = Offset that will trigger value change for this offset as well. See example. If 000:0022 changes SPAD.neXt will also trigger a value changed for 0000:0021. Justleave it away if not needed. There some additional Tags which should not be necessary normally, e.g. for converting values on the fly (feet to meter etc). If you need those,let me know. Save the XML to Folder "%APDDATA%\SPAD.neXt\conf\data_config\data" as "FSUIPC Local.xml" It will be read ONCE when starting up. if you change it you have to restart SPAD.neXt. If Problem occours reading the file, check the logfile.

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