Online Services

Online Services Requirements

To be able to access the SPAD.neXt online services, the following requirements must be met:

  • The time of your computer must not differ from World-Reference-Time.

  • SPAD.neXt must be able to communicate with "". You can check if communication is working, by opening in a browser. It should just state "Works"

Online Services Restrictions

If your SPAD.neXt update subscription is expired, you can only access snippets and profiles that have been published before the expiration date. You not be able to publish any snippets/profiles or update your existing ones.

"NOT_AUTHORIZED" Error when publish a snippet/profile

Most likely your update subcription has expired or you are using an outdated version of SPAD.neXt which is no longer supported.

"Online Services not available" when accssing Online Snippets

Please check the time synchronization on your computer. Due to heavy attacks to our services we had to increase the security, and requests with an invalid/outdated timestamp will be rejected. Your computer time most likely reports to differ from World Reference Time by more than 3 minutes. (Right click Windows Start icon -> Settings -> enter "time" -> Change Date/Time and make sure Synchronization is on)

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