Starting Point for Setup of the Alpha
Configuration of the Alpha for a "Single Engine" MSFS C172

Bravo First Setup Config. Twin Prop GA in the Baron! Bonus Alpha Snippet!
Alpha and Bravo Configs for the Single Engine Setups!!!

Alpha and Bravo Config for the WT CJ4 v0.12.7
Alpha and Bravo Config for the Aerosoft CRJ 550/700/900/1000
New Features and Capabilities for the Honeycomb Bravo
Setup All Axis, Switches and Annunciators for the SWS Kodaik
Bravo / FBW A32NX Axis Configuration
Alpha Setup - FSW C414AW
Bravo Config and Snippet for the PMDG 777 (MSFS)
FFX/MG HJet Honeycomb Bravo Configuration
Re-Configure the Alpha Yoke to use the Default Configs!
vJoy Axis - Re Map the Bravo Throttle in MSFS

This Video is a General Update to How the Bravo Layout and UI is handled in the Release version of SPAD.neXt v0.9.12!

There was a video update early in the Alpha phase but near the end of testing the final layout including sub tabs was introduced.

Guide to the Bravo configured with the MS ATR 42/72-600. Includes the Download Snippet of the Configuration and the walk through of all of the controls. Note you must follow the steps to Calibrate and configure the ATR EFB. Look in the Chapters section.

Big Changes with Axis GUI and Capabilities!! Much Desired Ability to bind Conditions with Axis is now here!! v0.9.13.39 is released and we can finally directly manipulate Axis mappings without the need for scripts!

Dash 7 Bravo Configuration. This includes setting up Custom Condition Lever Axis with Multiple Ranges and all Starter Switches required for successful Starts. Decision was made to go with 2 Axis For Throttles and 4 for the Prop/Condition Levers. AP and Annunciators fully functional.

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