Device INPUT configuration

Define a device input (Device -> SPAD)


All input definition follow the same definition.

<Index> being a numeric index that is used for sending input updates to SPAD.neXt

<Tag> being the internal name of the input. This will be used for identifying actions bound to this input

<type> being the internal type of the input

<inherit> the default events to include in this input. if it's not provided the definition must provide the custom events.

<options> optional options to alter the behavior/ui of an input

Options supported for all Inputs and Outputs


Disable the state-value label above the input in SPAD.neXt standard UI


Defines the ordering in SPAD UI. Default 0 = All elements are shown in order as they arrive

Sending INPUT updates

For all inputs the devices uses the channel 8 to send updates to SPAd.neXt:


<index> being the index given in the input configuration

<value> being the new value

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