Working Title CJ4 Updates and specific content here

Working Title has heavily modified the CJ4 and with that required introducing L:Vars and H:Events. The Custom Autopilot system they built uses these Variables and Events to create the shim between the Default Autopilot system and their custom FMS and FMC changes to the Proline 21 system. Specific videos to configuring devices for the WT CJ4 Mod. Some videos may be found in other sections as well.

With the Switch Panel we will configure it so that we can perform a Full Cold and Dark Startup of the CJ4, We will also add some conditions to the Avionics so that we can go into Dispatch mode when the GENs are off or go into Full Mode when they are On! the full electrics panel is mapped and so is the Left side of the Lights panel.

Take the CJ4 from Working Title v0.12.7 and configure the Logitech Multi Panel to have full control over the FCP (auto pilot). Using the H:Events and L:Vars to have complete control over this really well done Plane!

Now we move on to configure the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo to take control of our CJ4 in the quest to limit the amount of mouse clicking we need to do :)

The WT CJ4 implements some events that make it impossible to control the Nav Radio Frequency changes. It intentionally over writes any changes made to the Active frequency. With that in Mind we move ahead to configure the Radio Panel to also control the PFD Menu Knobs and the LWR Panel knobs for use with the MFD Lower Menu and the Charts control!

Map the CJ4 FADEC Detents! Let's use Multiple Custom Axis to map these into custom ranges on the Throttle Axis! This method would work for any Throttle since it does not rely on the TCA TQ's Virtual Detent Buttons!

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